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This is a public airport and we welcome visitors. Please feel free to visit the airport any time during operating hours.

Mark Finley is the Fixed Base Operator in charge of the general operations and maintenance of the facility. 

Mark started flying at age 15 and became a private pilot at age 17.  After graduating high school he attended flight school and became a commercial pilot and flight instructor.  He later served in the agricultural community in south Georgia as a “crop duster”.  In the off season he spent much of his time as an active instructor.

Private Pilot thru Instructor Pilot flight training, 100 LL fuel sales, aircraft refinishing services, aircraft upholstery services, and aircraft storage facilities.


675 Main Street
Surgoinsville, TN  37873
Phone: 423-345-0219
Fax: 423-345-0221


8:00 a.m. -  4:00 p.m.
Monday - Sunday

FAA Airport Code: RVN 
Variation:  04W
Long/Lat: 082-53-06.1340W  36-27-27.2850N 
Elevation: 1255 ft
FAA Regional Code: ASO     
Fuel Types available: Grade 100LL (Low Lead Blue)
Unicom: DUSK-DAWNN  122.800

airport2Hawkins County Runway Information

Runway Length: 3502
Runway Width: 75
Surface Type: Asphalt or Bituminous Concrete - Good Condition
Lights Intensity: Medium 
Identifier: 07  25 
Alignment: 064 244   
Markings: Basic Basic 
Longitude: 082-53-25.4060W 082-52-46.8610W
Latitude: 36-27-19.7100N  36-27-34.8590N 
Elevation(feet): 1255.0 1230.3
Glide Slope Indicator: 4-LGT PAPI on left side  
Identifier Lights: Yes
Centerline Lights: No
Touchdown Lights: No
Controlling Object: TREES 
FAA Far Part 77: Utility Runway with a nonprecision Utility Runway with a visual Approach
Object Clearance Slope: 8 8
Object Height(feet): 55 31
Object Distance(feet): 650 470
Object Offset(feet): 263R  239L 
Gradient: 0.7 

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