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Our Rich Heritage and History Today Hawkins County has a population of over fifty thousand. Church Hill is the largest city, followed by Rogersville, Mount Carmel, Surgoinsville, and Bulls Gap.

The Hawkins County school system supports
twelve elementary schools, three middle schools,
three high schools, and an enrichment center.
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Enjoy an Outing in Our Parks Laurel Run Park, set stunningly along the placid Holston River, is operated by Hawkins County as a municipal park.

This beautiful park includes river-access, a mountain creek, playground equipment, tennis courts, softball and baseball fields, and more.

The park is open year round. Picnic shelters are available for reservation.   Learn More >>
A Good Mix of Industry and Agriculture Hawkins County is a great place for industry and farming. The education of our workforce is as fertile as our rolling farmlands.
Discover Hawkins Counties fine area public schools, colleges & universities, and major institutions.

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Do You Have An Emergency Plan? Your family's safety depends on preparing for the unexpected.

Check out our Emergency Management Agency Preparedness section to help develop your plan.

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commserviceLt. Harry W. Burton, Sr. began working for Hawkins County in 1977 as a Deputy in the Sheriff’s Department.  He has served as a Deputy and a Juvenile Officer.  He presently serves Hawkins County as a commissioned Lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Department, Director of the Community Service Work Program for the General Sessions Court, and Director of the Solid Waste Department.  Before becoming a Deputy Sheriff, Burton was a professional photographer.

Lt. Burton is married to the former Judy Justis of Bulls Gap.  They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. 

The Community Service Work Program uses inmates and probationers to provide man power for County projects, thus saving tax payer dollars by not having to pay wages.

These inmates and probationers are assigned to various departments and duties, but are primarily used in the County’s Litter Pickup Program, picking up roadside litter and working at the County’s Recycle Center sorting and bailing recyclables to be sold.

The Litter Pickup Program picks up litter on all State roads within the County and most of the County roads.  The County receives a litter grant from the State of Tennessee to fund this program.



Dana Trent
Highway Litter Pickup Program

Rudy Mull
Assistant Supervisor
Highway Litter Pickup Program 





Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Monday – Saturday (except holidays)

Phone: 423-272-3301 - 423-921-2465 - 423-272-2027

Mailing Address:


Community Service Work Program
110 East Main Street, Room 303
Rogersville, TN  37857

Hawkins County Recycle Center
8590 Highway 11-W
Rogersville, TN  37857
(No Mail Delivered To This Address)

Frequent Questions:

Can I do my community service anywhere I want to?
No, all community service must be assigned and performed under the supervision of County staff.

Where do I report for community service?
The Hawkins County Recycling Center located at 8580 Hwy. 11-W in the Lakeview Community of Rogersville.
(Directions:  Travel west 6 miles from the Hwy. 11-W / Hwy. 66 Overpass.  The Recycling Center is located on the right and just before Lakeview Grocery.

What time do I need to report?
You must be signed in before 8:00 a.m. and you will be released at 4:00 p.m. 

What do I do when I report?
After you have signed in, a supervisor will assign you a job and transport you to your job site.

Can I work half a day?
No, the type work we do does not permit working half days.

What happens if I fail to do my community service?
A warrant will be issued for your arrest, and you could have your probation violated resulting in you serving the remainder of your probation in jail.

Can I drive to community service if I have a Restricted Drivers License?
No, a Restricted Drivers License only allows you to drive to work and back home, or to school if you are a student.  Anyone driving outside the restrictions on the court order is subject to having their vehicle confiscated, their probation violated, and charged with driving on a revoked drivers license.

Do I need to bring my lunch?
You may bring a lunch if you wish, but we always take a lunch break at one of the markets close to where we are working.

What do I need to wear?
Dress for working outdoors.  No flip flops, no shorts.  Bring gloves. In cold weather, dress warmly as you may be working outside.

Fines, Fees, Restitution, and Court Costs are all figured by the Clerk of the Court.
All fines are to be paid in cash to the General Sessions Court Clerk located on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse.  For information call 423-272-4517.
The Community Service Work Program observes all State and Federal holidays.  We do not work on holiday weekends.