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Our Rich Heritage and History Today Hawkins County has a population of over fifty thousand. Church Hill is the largest city, followed by Rogersville, Mount Carmel, Surgoinsville, and Bulls Gap.

The Hawkins County school system supports
twelve elementary schools, three middle schools,
three high schools, and an enrichment center.
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Enjoy an Outing in Our Parks Laurel Run Park, set stunningly along the placid Holston River, is operated by Hawkins County as a municipal park.

This beautiful park includes river-access, a mountain creek, playground equipment, tennis courts, softball and baseball fields, and more.

The park is open year round. Picnic shelters are available for reservation.   Learn More >>
A Good Mix of Industry and Agriculture Hawkins County is a great place for industry and farming. The education of our workforce is as fertile as our rolling farmlands.
Discover Hawkins Counties fine area public schools, colleges & universities, and major institutions.

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Do You Have An Emergency Plan? Your family's safety depends on preparing for the unexpected.

Check out our Emergency Management Agency Preparedness section to help develop your plan.

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Solid Waste & Recycling


DIRECTOR: Charlie Freeman

PHONE:         423-272-2027

CELL:            423-921-2465


8580 Highway 11-W

Rogersville, TN  37857


8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Monday thru Friday


9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Closed on Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day


8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Monday thru Saturday

There are times that all employees will be away from the Recycle Center to collect recyclables. 

Call 423-272-2027 or 423-921-2465.

Did you know that ……

  •   You can call 423-921-2465 or 423-272-2027 to report illegal dumping
  •   We only accept solid waste that is generated in Hawkins County
  •   We do not accept solid waste from businesses
  •   We do not accept liquids (other than motor oil and transmission fluids)
  •   We do not accept hazardous waste
  •   We do not accept medical waste
  •   We do not accept animal carcasses
  •   We do not accept grass and brush
  •   Items not accepted by the convenience centers can be taken to the Republic Landfill located on Carter’s Valley Road.  Telephone 423-357-6777

Where do I take my recyclables?

Take your recyclables to the convenience center in your community or to the Recycle Center.

Do you accept tires?

When you purchase new tires you pay the dealer a disposal fee.  Leave your old tires with the dealer.  If you are responsible for disposal of the tires, they MUST be off the rim.  You may bring 8 tires per year per household with no cost to you.  Anything over 8 tires per year costs you $1.00 each for car and pickup truck tires and $3.50 for tractor trailer tires.  You are required to check with the attendant before leaving tires.  We need your name, address, telephone number, and the number and size of the tires.

You are responsible for “stacking” tires inside a tractor trailer.  Employees do not unload or stack tires for you, so you may need to bring someone to help you.

Tire dealers MUST have State Tire Manifest Paperwork and Tire Tax Number from the State of Tennessee.  This number is different from your business Tax Identification Number.  You must have this information each time you bring tires.  We must have an exact count of tires according to size.  Make checks payable to Hawkins County Solid Waste.

Can I sit my trash on the outside if the gate is locked and the centers are closed?

No.  That is a violation of the State Litter Law and results in a $500 fine and several days of picking up litter from the highways.

Will someone unload my trash for me?

No.  The attendants are there to show you where to put your trash, not to unload your vehicle, so please ask them where to put it.


All locations take the following recyclables:

Vehicle batteries, scrap aluminum, aluminum drink cans, aluminum cat and dog food cans, plastic milk jugs, plastic soft drink bottles, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, used motor oil and transmission fluids, air conditioners, white goods such as stoves and refrigerators (compressor must be removed), water heaters, electric heaters, and most heavy metals.  Tires can be recycled at the Carter’s Valley Convenience Center every 1st Saturday of July, October, January and April and anytime at the Recycle Center.

Burem Convenience Center                                     Carter’s Valley Convenience Center

1003 Burem Road                                                       4266 Carter’s Valley Road

Rogersville, TN  37857                                               Church Hill, TN  37642

423-272-3479                                                              423-357-8901

Clinch Valley Convenience Center                          Highway 113 Convenience Center

3796 Highway 70 North                                             209 Highway 113

Rogersville, TN  37857                                               Rogersville, TN  37857

423-272-6759                                                              423-235-5415

Hunt’s Gap Convenience Center                             Lakemont Convenience Center

260 Ensor Road                                                          106 Lakemont Drive

Church Hill, TN  37642                                              Rogersville, TN  37857

423-357-8537                                                              423-272-3491

Lakeview Convenience Center                                Rock Hill Convenience Center

8590 Highway 11-W                                                  1629 Highway 70 North

Rogersville, TN  37857                                               Rogersville, TN  37857

423-272-6348                                                              423-272-5079

Stanley Valley Convenience Center                        Recycle Center

1403 Stanley Valley Road                                          8580 Highway 11-W

Surgoinsville, TN  37873                                           Rogersville, TN  37857

423-345-3754                                                             423-272-2027 or 423-921-2465

            or 423-754-4355